Chesterman Properties

Koo's Corner, interior


Braden Smith, Chief Administrative Officer, Resort Municipality of Tofino

“I was introduced to Robert during my tenure as executive director of the Tofino Housing Corporation, a municipally owned non-profit housing authority. Robert was referred to me by colleagues who worked with him on the Verdant development project at UniverCity in Burnaby. The housing corporation board was impressed with the Verdant project’s commitment to green building and infrastructure, innovative project financing and an inventive affordable housing component. We subsequently solicited Robert’s assistance in developing a financial business plan and strategies for an affordable housing project on 44-acres of municipally owned land in Tofino. The business plan was a thoughtful, comprehensive and highly valuable document and Robert added significant value to the project”

Robert Kent, Founder, Compassionate Eye Foundation

“Robert’s greatness is his ability to lead, to be a smart strategic planner and to hear others. I have sat in numerous meetings with him and have been amazed at his ability to hear everyone, from both sides of an issue, and then summarize his findings with crystal clarity to the group, with everyone then buying into his suggested solution. Robert simply finds solutions”

Bruce Haden, Partner, Dialog Design, Vancouver

“I have the great privilege of living in a Chesterman Properties home, Koo’s Corner, for which I was also the architect. So, I know Robert Brown in many ways. Robert is that rare kind of developer, or indeed business person of any type, who views his entrepreneurial work as a chance to contribute to community at multiple levels. Robert is also committed to people, and to supporting outstanding community. The word community, is too often a buzzword. Robert lives it. I can speak for my own extraordinary experience of living in Koo’s Corner, that Robert’s vision allowed the creation of that rare type of living that many of us dream of, where we know our neighbours, share barbeques and drinks in our common back yards, and even have harmonious and fun strata meetings. This is a result of moving beyond a development world paradigm where excellence is defined as granite countertops, to a place where excellence is defined by fostering a true quality of life. Real sustainability – in its social and green dimensions, is way more fun than trendy touchstones of status. Robert brings that rare view to his work.”

In addition to the above references please contact:

Graeme Brown. Chair, Redevelopment Task Force, St John the Divine Church, Victoria.

Doug Tennant, Executive Director Semiahmoo House Society, Surrey, BC.